Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Beginnig To Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Today Ford attended his second annual Camellia Healthcare Christmas party. Each year, Abb and WA host a wonderful Christmas lunch for their corporate and administrative employees and it is a WONDERFUL time say thank you to the many amazing people that are part of the Camellia team.

While the party was truly for the Camellia folks, Ford was under the impression that was a party for him and he took the opportunity to put on quite a show. He really connected with the musicians and got pretty vocal when they decided to take a break. Good thing everyone thought his demands to "play" and "guitar" were cute (as I was pretty sure he was being a bit bossy!).


PS... a big shout out to Brandon Chase Welborn with BCW designs! The party truly was a "Camellia Experience".

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