Monday, July 23, 2012

“Just Carrying On an Ole Family Tradition”

Whew… that’s all I can say after this weekend activities. On Saturday, July 21, 73 adults, 34 children (plus one on the way) and one yellow lab gathered in Glendale, MS to partake in the family tradition that is known as the Payne Family Reunion. It had been approximately seventeen years since the gang had come together and needless to say, we made up for lost time!!!
There is no telling how many laughs, hugs and recollections of family “stories” took place on Saturday, but one thing is for certain… the Payne family lives on. Below are a few photos of the fun times had and hopefully it won’t be seventeen years before we get together again!!!
The Payne Gang... July 2012

Telling some of those "family stories"

One of many hugs I was able to catch on camera!!!

Ford's first time fishing!

Cousin pool party!!! So thankful the sun finally came out!!!

Look at all those adorable children!!! The Payne family is certainly blessed!!!

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