Monday, July 30, 2012

Lucky 13

Some may say that the number 13 is bad luck. Granted we have had our share of unlucky falls, bumps, bruises and allergic reactions during month 13, but overall July 2012 has been pretty special for our little Fordy Boy!
Social Milestones: He has finally mastered the coveted high five! I had no idea how big a deal this was… must be a male thing J. He has also learned how to play the “guess which hand it’s in” game. Whether it’s a ball or a quarter, Ford is thrilled when he guesses correctly the first time! Probably our most favorite milestone is Ford’s ability (and willingness) to give hugs and kisses when requested. It doesn’t get any better than that!!!
Physical Milestones: No more walking… we are running! Just hum the first few lines to Jaws and he will take off. I’ve got to catch this one on video. Look out David Beckham… Ford has learned how to kick.
Growth and Development: Those super sharp one year molars have FINALLY broken the surface. We are still battling sore gums and buckets of drool, but we are thrilled to actually see those pearly whites!
Favorite Food: Green beans are still hanging on as Ford’s favorite. I swear I am going to send his photo into Del Monte. If he can’t be the poster child, at the very least we could get a few free cans of green beans!
This month’s words: Bubble, Andy (his term of endearment for our dog Mandi), and of course his go to phrase… bye bye (most often used when he wants a change of scenery).
During July Ford also attended his first Payne family reunion and met a number of cousins and relatives (see previous blog post). It has been a busy month and our sweet boy has met every new adventure with lots of smiles and a healthy dose of curiosity!

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